William Trussel

William Trussel bore the same name as his father and one of his sons, so it is not so easy to follow his biography. He was a knight with landed property in Leicestershire and was one of Lancaster’s supporters. Edward II pardoned him for his role in the murder of Gaveston. Trussel also wanted to support Lancaster in the fight against the king in 1322, but arrived too late for the Battle of Boroughsbridge. Trussel then presumably fled to France, in any case he joined Isabella and Mortimer there. He was the presiding judge when the Despensers were sentenced to death. The relationship with Mortimer was tense, as Trussel supported Leicester. Edward III, on the other hand, entrusted him with several diplomatic missions. He probably died in 1346/47.

Edward II

Trussel only appears in [Scene 18] , where he wants to know from Edward II on behalf of Parliament whether the latter will abdicate.

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