Marguerite de Valois

Marguerite de Valois (* 14 May 1553; † 27 March 1615 ) was the youngest surviving child of Henri II of France and Caterina de' Medici.

Anonymous. Marguerite de Valois, reine de Navarre. Musée Condé de Chantilly. CC0

She was a very educated, culturally versatile, self-confident person who knew how to inspire and horrify even during her lifetime. She was also famous for her beauty, which brought her numerous high-ranking marriage candidates. All marriage negotiations came to an abrupt end when the liaison with the Duke of Guise led to a huge scandal. The marriage to Henri de Navarre was a purely political union. The two never developed any real affection for each other, but remained friends after their childless marriage was annulled by the Pope in 1599 with the consent of both parties.

The Massacre at Paris

Marguerite only appears in [Scene 1] and [Scene 3], in which she has hardly any text.

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