Louis de Maugiron, Baron d’Ampus

Louis de Maugiron (* 1560; † 27 April 1578) was first in the service of Alençon. In 1577 he lost an eye in a battle, which is why he was compared to Princess Eboli, the mistress of Philip II of Spain. In the same year he moved to the household of Henri III, where he quickly became one of the favoured mignons. He died on 27 April 1578 in the so-called "Duel of the Mignons".

The Massacre at Paris

Maugiron first appears in [Scene 14] at the coronation of Henri III. In the play, Maugiron is the lover of the Duchess of Guise, who is murdered on her husband’s behalf. Marlowe confused Maugiron with Paul de Stuart de Caussade, Count of Saint-Mégrin.1

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