Louis de Lorraine-Guise

Louis de Lorraine-Guise (* 6 July 1555; † 24 December 1588) was the youngest brother of the Duke of Guise. In 1574 he became Archbishop of Reims, and four years later Cardinal. He was staying in Blois with his brother when he was murdered. Henri III immediately had the cardinal arrested and killed the following day.

The Massacre at Paris

In [Scene 11] the Cardinal tells the Queen Mother about a rapprochement between Charles IX and Henri de Navarre. When Charles IX. dies in [Scene 13] the cardinal is present but has no text. In the following scene there is another conversation between Caterina de' Medici and the Cardinal. She worries that her son only cares about his mignons these days. He reports that his brother would raise an army against the Huguenots and Navarre. The Queen Mother should use her influence on Henri III to get him to agree to the operation. In [Scene 22] the cardinal is strangled by order of Henri III.

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