Henry de Beaumont, Earl of Buchan

Henry de Beaumont, Earl of Buchan (*about 1280, † 10 March 1340) already fought under Edward I in Scotland, where he also had extensive possessions, but which were lost as the Scottish independence movement progressed. He was a loyal supporter of Edward II in the struggle against the opposition of the nobility. At the king’s request, Beaumont accompanied the heir to the throne to France in 1325. There, he surprisingly joined Isabella and Mortimer in the fight against the Despensers, who later rewarded his efforts. In 1328, after the Treaty of Edinburgh, when it became clear that England was no longer interested in reconquering Scotland, Beaumont took part in a conspiracy against Mortimer. After this failed, he had to flee to France, from where he supported Kent’s conspiracy the following year. Beaumont only returned to England after Mortimer’s fall.

Edward II

In [Scene 4], Edward II sends Beaumont to Ireland with news of the cancellation of the exile so that Piers Gaveston can return to him.

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