Anne de Bartarnay, Duke of Joyeuse

Anne de Bartarnay, Duke of Joyeuse (* 1560; † 20 October 1587), served as the second archmignon of Henri III after Épernon.

Anonymous: Anne de Batarnay, Duc de Joyeuse. Sketch. Bibliothèque nationale de France. Paris. CC0

Like other mignons, he hailed from lower nobility with little influence. Henri III arranged his marriage to a half-sister of the Queen in 1581, elevating him to Duke and Peer of France, ranking just below the princes du sang. Upon Alençon’s demise, he inherited titles and offices.
On 21 June 1584, around 800 Huguenots perished in the Saint-Eloi massacre, leading to Joyeuse’s fall from royal favor. Seeking redemption, he joined the campaign against Henri de Navarre. During the battle of Coutras, Joyeuse was captured and executed.

The Massacre at Paris

He only appears in [Scene 17] , where Henri III entrusts him with the supreme command of the army. In the following scene, the battle of Coutras is already over and Joyeuse is dead.

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