2nd Friar (Bernardine)

Bernardine is one of the two monks from The Jew of Malta. While it is clear from the text that Jacomo, the other devout friar, is a Dominican, his monastic order is not revealed. Based on the name, he could be a Cistercian. Saint Bernard de Clairvaux ensured that this order became widespread.

Like his colleague from the Dominicans, he is not a particularly pleasant representative of the Catholic religious clergy. In Abigail’s feigned conversion to novice, he is more interested in her appearance than her salvation. In the absence of another monk, Abigail confesses to him Baraba’s involvement in the deaths of Lodowick and Mathias. His eagerness to confront Barabas with his deed ends when he promises to join an order to which he will sign over his entire fortune. Greedy to get the money, Friar Bernardine gets into a less than Christian but more physical altercation with Friar Jacomo. In the end, both monks come away empty-handed. Together with Ithimore, Barabas kills Bernardine. They then convince Jacomo that he is responsible for his death and hand him over to the courts.

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